The C.T. IMPIANTI Srl. Is a company that has been operating for 40 years in plant and machine building. Our company is the ideal partner for the design, installation and maintenance of industrial plants. We have a shed of about 800 square meters, fully equipped for such work, lifting and transportation. We have a staff of 26 people including welders, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics and industrial Electricians. We are provided with workshop equipment and construction, bridge crane with a flow rate of 32000 kg, complete bank of individual and accident prevention equipment. The C.T. IMPIANTI Srl. follows the various testing phases of the systems and assist in the commissioning for the parties that are competing, performing routine and special maintenance of the plant and its components as a result of specific agreements with the commissioning company and it is available to work away or abroad in both economy to contract.


  • Chemical plants, pharmaceutical, industrial, district heating and fire prevention;
  • Systems onboard hydraulic machine, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric.
  • Mechanical construction and assembly of industrial plants;
  • Innovative construction of biogas plants;
  • Construction Skid;
  • Extraordinary maintenance;
  • Moving departments.


OLICAR Spa via Buonarotti 28 Milano Tel.02/2509561

Construction and assembly of piping made of our workshops, skid assembly, maintenance thermal power plants;

ECOMP Srl via Galileo Galilei 2 20020 Solaro (Mi) Tel.02/96798183

Thirty years of collaboration in the field of maintenance, construction in carbon and stainless steel, construction and assembly of piping;

STEM Danieli group Srl via Manzoni 12 20020 Magnago (MI) Tel.0331/657098

Twenty-year working relationship in the editing area and maintenance equipment for steel plants such as rolling stands for bars and sections, secateurs, cages control gears, cylinder exchange robot, loop-forming, roller conveyors and auxiliary engines;

  • Revamping plant for the production of profiles in reversible rolling;
  • Modernization horizontal and convertible rolling stands, construction and assembly piping;
  • Installation and construction aluminum rolling mill machinery.

SEBIGAS  Spa via Cremona 1 20025 Legnano (Mi) Tel. 0331/428411

BIOGAS PLANT construction and assembly for large farms;

CHEMIPLASTICA Spa via D.Alighieri 60 22070 Carbonate (Co) Tel. 0331836511

Maintenance and construction machinery for plastics;

MECTOCE Srl via caduti del lavoro 20 frazione Megolo Cima 28886 Pieve Vergonte(Vb)Tel. 0324/86312

Construction to supply full of carpentry at our workshop, Revamping machines, piping steel / carbon;

BC TECHNOLOGY Spa via Meucci 10 20012 Cuggiono(Mi) Tel. 02/9746301

Installation of machinery and onboard systems on machine tools (boring-milling machines);

MACCHI Spa via Papa Paolo VI  5 Venegono Inferiore Tel. 0331/827717

Construction and assembly machinery for producing plastics;

DIPHARMA FRANCIS  Srl via Bissone 5 20021 Baranzate (Mi) Tel. 02/38200189

Plants stainless steel pharmaceutical sector;

BULL Group Srl via Olona 2   Castronno (Va) Tel. 0332/895283

Installation of lifting equipment and electrical systems on board, foreign collaboration (Kuwait);                         

GNOSIS BIORESEARH SA via Lischedi  6592 Svizzera (CH)Tel. 0041 918519191

Construction and assembly systems pharmaceutical / nutrition sector;

photo report of some activities' carried out for our customers.


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